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Industrial Furniture 

Whats on Netnut's mind today.....

Whilst I love painting quirky designs and retro ads onto gorgeous vintage furniture, of late we have entered into the world of Industrial furniture. It's opened up a whole new chapter for Netnut furniture designs, as we have begun to rescue battered old school lockers, filing cabinets, and various metal units, and turn them into stunning industrial show pieces.

Our process is quite lengthy, but luckily Chris loves to spend hours in the workshop stripping and polishing these pieces until they are shiny and gleaming !

We always tend to leave some of the original character in the design somewhere, as personally, we don't like perfect, and prefer to show glimpses of the original, to contrast against the bare polished metal.

As well as old school lockers, filing cabinets, Engineers cabinets and vintage metal kitchen units from the 1940s, we have also been upcycling cable reels into gorgeous coffee tables by adding toughened glass and hairpin legs.


I find it exciting that over the years, my tastes and creativity evolves, and so do my own surroundings ! As our stock changes, so does our home !

A perk of this job is that we have a constant change of furniture in our own home. This is wonderful as I love changing our own home, and know that it inspires me creatively to be surrounded by the furniture and decor that I love.

We always work on the principle that if we love something, and would have it in our own home, then we are confident in selling it to someone else. Whilst we appreciate that some things wouldn't fit into our own scheme, the majority of items we sell, we would happily live with ourselves and sometimes find it hard to part with.  Cries of  "Oh pleeeease make me another similar to that Chris" is often heard in our house ! 😀

When we design furniture, either painted Shabby Chic, or Upcycled and Industrial, we always aim to never repeat the same design twice. As a result, we can be confident that our customers are getting individual, one off pieces.

For us that is so important.  We love to think we are offering unique pieces. Neither of us want to live in a home identical to anyone else's .... and I like to think there are lots of you like this out there. Not everyone wants clone furniture !

Do get in touch with any questions you may have.  You don't have to be buying from us. We are just as pleased to answer your be own questions on painting and upcycling, and love to pass on the tricks of the trade, tips, paint brands and materials that we have found to be the best, and have made our lives easier over the years !

Don't be scared of having a go yourselves ! We find it therapeutic and so rewarding to give items that were ready to be taken to the skip, a new lease of life. To know that this furniture will last another five decades is so satisfying !

Many of us now realise that the furniture of the 40s and 50s were built to last, unlike the flimsy pieces that are often manufactured today. Even so, to purchase the quality of the past today, you will pay top dollar. So, go on, grab an old chest of drawers, or a small table, let it tell you what it could be, and just go for it ! You really can't go wrong, as we have learnt over the years, you can't make a mistake, some things just evolve into something you hadn't imagined, and if the colours wrong....just go again !

We look forward to hearing from you !

Netty n Chris 😘

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